Sunday, 24 August 2014

DIY: halter crop top

If you haven't noticed fashion's obsession with everything 90s, space aged and let's face it, tacky, then you've been living under a rock. And if you want to come out from that rock and join the space/90s/tacky bandwagon, you can follow these simple steps to making your own halter crop top. This is actually one of the easiest DIYs I have ever done, in fact it only took me a couple of hours in total! I'd give it a difficulty rating of 2/5.
DIY sewing tutorial on how to make your own halter crop top

list of sewing equipment what you will need to make your own halter crop top

What you will need:
✩1.5m of your chosen fabric (preferably with stretch)
✩1m ribbon or cord
✩tape measure
✩thread (use polyester for stretchy fabrics)
✩newspaper or tracing paper
✩sewing machine

halterneck crop top pattern pieces

You will need your measurements for this, if you can find somebody else to take them for you they'll be more accurate, just remember to leave some extra for seam allowances! These are the shapes of your pattern pieces, once you have those, just follow these simple steps. 

p.s when you have sewn your top together, there will be a point at the top at the front, fold this over into a small triangle and sew about 1.5cm away from the edge, this is where you will thread your ribbon or cord to tie around the neck.

DIY make your own halter crop top step by step tutorial

And voilรก! You've got your sassy crop top. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and give it a go! If you have any questions, or any results to show me, please please drop me a tweet or tag me on instagram, I'd love to see :)

Good vibes guys 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

vintage florals and a duster coat

I don't think I ever wore a midi skirt until this summer. I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about them, but I do know that I love this print. I picked up this beautiful skirt in my local vintage shop, the vintage corner, see more about that here, for just a tenner. The weather has been a bit dull lately, except one miraculously sunny day, so I paired it with black pieces which gives it a slightly autumnal feel. Admit it, we're all pretty excited to wear coats and boots again, aren't we? Speaking of coats, this is my new duster coat which I am completely in love with. And would you believe I picked it up for just £17? It's actually remarkably similar to topshop's version which retails at around £70. Get in!

OOTD featuring primark black duster coat, black crop top, studded belt worn with vintage floral midi skirt, primark black satchel and asos ankle boots summer 2014

duster coat primark / top primark & DIY / skirt vintage / belt ebay / boots ASOS / bag primark (old)

Do you have any new pieces in your wardrobe for next season? Link me up below!

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

pink hair and temporary tattoos

I went temporarily wild. I used hair chalk to dip-dye my hair pink and got a temporary tattoo of a compass on my thigh. This is wild for me guys, believe me. The hair chalk craze really had me interested and seeing as I'd never dye my whole head (I've been advised against it for naturally multi-toned hair, but I did dip-dye navy in year 12 for a short while) I thought I'd give it a go. I really wanted to try body shop's blue chalk but seeing as it's sold out pretty much everywhere, I resorted to ebay and ended up getting both colours for under a tenner, woohoo! The pink was a test, it was so vibrant when it first went on, but once I brushed it through and sealed with hairspray, it all looked a bit dull. I admit I was underwhelmed, but hey it was fun. I want to try blue at Leeds festival next week, although it does go everywhere...

pink hair chalk from the body shop, pink paisley slip dress

OOTD featuring primark sunglasses, white t-shirt worn under slip dress and asos revolution ankle boots


tttattoo temporary tattoo of a compass perfect for festivals

dress gap (very old) / t-shirt primark / boots ASOS / rings ASOS, topshop and primark (all old) / temporary tattoo* TTTattoo / watch* casio via the watch hut / necklace gift / sunglasses primark / jelly bracelets my childhood

How cute is this dress?! My mum was having a bit of a wardrobe clear out and handed it down to me, it's so perfect, I love it. Ah yes, the tattoo. I think fashion should be fun and playful. I want a tattoo but have a ridiculously strong phobia of needles, so until I get that sorted, I thought why not play around with some temporary ones? TTTattoo kindly got in touch and I fell for the compass, I'm not sure why, I just really love it. They have tonnes of cool designs, my second choice would have been the UFO. So space grunge of me. If you want the fun without the commitment, take a look at their site, their banner is in my sidebar! You can also design your own if you like, which is awesome.

Good vibes guys